Quality Picket & Split Rail Fence Installations

Our picket fences are made with beautiful red cedar boards. Each board has their own different shade of color, giving each fence a unique look. This type of board of one of the most common types of boards, because they require no treatment to last. Without treatment, these boards will eventually turn to a grayish color. The option of staining these boards is out there to preserve the natural color of the boards but isn’t at all necessary.

Our split rail fences are made with cedar posts and rails. These fences are very durable and built to last. Just like our picket fences, these posts and rails are able to weather in color too, so staining is an available option to preserve the natural color for these as well.

Each picket and split rail fence style has different customization options, giving you the ability to have a fence that looks best for you! Give us a call today to talk about the different options and styles available. Best of all, our estimates are FREE!

Traditional Picket Wood Fence

Traditional Picket wood fences have a wide range of customization available. To start off, the boards are available in many different styles, including flat top, dog ear, and angle cut. The boards are placed with a gap in between them and can range in height depending on what you are looking for.

Spindle Picket Wood Fence

Spindle Picket wood fences use a square picket to create their own unique look. Each picket is then placed with a gap in between them. Various styles of picket are available, including picket cut and angle cut. Picket fencing is available in different heights and can come with a cap board as well.

Stockade Wood Fence

Stockade wood fences are available in different styles, finishes, and heights. This type of fence is made just like the traditional picket wood fences, but with no gap in between the boards. There are also different types of posts available. This fence is also available in privacy styles.

Split Rail Fences

Split rail fences are a simple type of fence that is easy to maintain. This type of fence usually consists of two or three boards of rough sawed cedar placed horizontally along the posts. The most common use for split rail fencing is for agricultural or decorative purposes. These fences can be built with the boards being nailed to the posts or being connected by placing the boards in the side of the posts without the need for nails.

Free Picket & Split Rail Fence Estimates

Our picket fence installations begin with our free fence estimate! If you are in need of picket fence installation services, please reach out to our fence professionals today and we will discuss with you your fencing needs!