Wood Fence Installation Services in Appleton & the Fox Valley

For more than 30+ years, Northern Fence has been many clients go-to wood fence installers in Appleton and the Fox Valley area. We offer quality craftsmanship for the following wood fence types:

Wood Fence Styles:

  1. Cedar Fences
  2. Pressure Treated Fences
  3. Lattice Wood Fences
  4. Shadowbox Wood Fences
  5. Board On Batten Wood Fences

Wood Fence Contractors You Can Trust:

Our Google Reviews and client testimonials demonstrate our commitment to professional wood fence installations. We offer competitive pricing, quality fencing materials, and strive for clear communication throughout the project. Contact our Appleton wood fence installers today!

Our wood fence contractors start the project by first inspecting your home or business’ property and then providing an estimate of the fence cost, timeline to expect the work done, and will answer any questions you have.

Our most common wood fence types that our wood fence contractors install are cedar and pressure treated fences. These wood fence types are made to last many years and can be customized to your requirements. When it comes to finding quality wood fence contractors, you can rest assured knowing you have found the right wood fencing contractors.

Wood Fence Installation Process: What to Expect

Wood Fence Installations

1. Wood Fence Estimator Visits

Once you begin the process of installing your fence, an estimator will visit your house’s exterior. The estimator will use a type of measuring device to measure the run of the area.

They complete this to confirm that everything matches up. This includes the material, the property line, and the style of a fence planned.

2. Setting Up For the Installation

The next step is to prepare everything necessary to start the wood fence installation. This step will include contracts and maybe a fencing permit if required.

From there, a fencing contractor will stop by your location to mark your yard and ensure that no utility lines are in the way when they start to dig.

3. Wood Post Installation

After a date and time have been set to start the installation, a crew of fencing contractors will come out and dig post holes and set the posts in concrete. Note that if the fence posts look too high, they are often cut down to size later on.

4. Finishing Touches

Once the posts have settled, your wood fence installation team will come out again and install the horizontal pieces of the fence, the fencing material, gates, and everything else that finishes up your fence.

We also put a sealant on your fence to protect against rotting, decaying and moisture damage.

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Wood Fence Installation FAQs

Here are some common questions relating to how to install a wood fence and other general wood fencing inquiries:

What is the cheapest wood fence to install?

Typically, the most affordable wood fence type is going to be pressure-treated pine. Cedar wood tends to be a bit pricier. For an exact fencing estimate, please contact our wood fence installers. More information here about choosing the right fence for your home.

What type of wood fence lasts the longest?

The wood fences installed by Northern Fence will last you a long time, however, when it comes to longevity, your best wood fencing type is going to be cedar fencing. Cedar fences offer good resistance to insect damage and is slow to rot.

What is cheaper than a wood fence?

If you aren’t sure that you want a wood fence and are looking for something more budget friendly in the long run, you may want to consider vinyl fencing instead. Vinyl fencing is often better in terms of requiring less maintenance, being resistant to insect damage, and providing a longer lifespan.

Does a wood fence increase home value?

Yes, absolutely. At Northern Fence, our wood fence installations add aesthetic appeal and better privacy, are well-built, and can overall provide more worth to your home and property.

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Northern Fence will keep your wood fencing project within the desired budget. However, this doesn’t mean that we sacrifice on quality. Our team focuses on providing stellar fencing services in Appleton, Green Bay, and the greater Fox Cities.

Note: Northern Fence always recommend giving us a call if you notice that your fence is starting to look discolored, warped, or even falling down. These are warning signs that you need a new wood fence installation.