Quality Wood Fencing

Our wood fencing is made with beautiful red cedar fencing boards. Every red cedar board has its own unique color, giving our cedar wood fences a different look every time. These fences are built to last, with the red cedar being very durable and weather resistant. Best of all, there is no treatment required for red cedar boards. However, without treatment they will weather to a grayish color and if you would like to keep the natural color of your fence staining the boards is an option.

Every wood fence installation is built for you, with different styles and heights available! We customize every fence we make to suit your needs and specifications to make your fence a perfect fit. Give us a call today to talk more about the different options we have available and what would work best for you. Best of all, our wood fence estimates are FREE!

Wood Fence Contractors

When our wood fence contractors come to your home or business, we will first inspect the property and provide you with an estimate on repairs or installation. Our wood fence contractors have years of experience providing quality wood fence installations, replacements, and repairs to all wood fence types. Our most common wood fence types that our wood fence contractors install are cedar and pressure treated fences. These wood fence types are made to last many years and can be customized to your requirements. When it comes to finding quality wood fence contractors, you can rest assured knowing you have found the right team for your fencing needs.

Cedar Wood Fencing

The most common wood fence you’ll find is the solid board cedar fence. Cedar fences have vertical boards placed side-by-side going across the perimeter of your lawn and the top of the pickets can be customized with gothic, dog ear, and arch styling. You will find cedar fences to be the most durable and long lasting wood fences on the market, plus they are considered an upgrade to pressure treated fences.  Additionally, cedar fences maintain their coloring for many years after installation, but can be stained a natural or other color depending on your preference. Call us today to get your beautiful, customized cedar fence and to learn more about our cedar fence options.

Traditional Pressure Treated

For a more economical option of wood fencing we also offer pressure treated fences for residential and commercial properties. These are more economical than their cedar variants depending on lumber prices, but hold up just as well and can be stained a year or two after installation. The durability is great though as pressure treated fences can last for up to twenty years, if installed properly. You will find pressure treated fences to be made of pine instead of their cedar alternatives in the solid board fencing. The pressure treated pine is specifically manufactured to protect against decay and discoloring of the wood to increase longevity. The fence installation professionals at Northern Fence offer the widest array of wood fence materials and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If you are interested in adding a fence to your home to add value, increase privacy or keep your pets contained then give us a call today and learn more about pressure treated fence options!

Board on Batten Wood Fence

Board on Batten style wood fence installations are one of the most private wood fencing styles available. These fences are made with the vertical boards overlapping each other, creating full privacy. Even when the boards shrink after installation, the overlapping causes the full privacy look to stay there.

Lattice Wood Fence

Lattice wood fences are made more for their beautiful, decorative look than they are for privacy. These fences are available in both a diamond lattice layout and a square lattice layout.

Shadowbox Wood Fence

Shadowbox wood fences are another style of wood fencing that looks the same from both sides. This type of fence provides a little bit of privacy, while allowing airflow and some vision through the space in between the boards. These fences can be built with different looks such as scalloped or arched and can also come with a top such as lattice or a cap board.

Horizontal Wood Fence

Horizontal wood fences have a more modern look to them. These fences are made with the boards being horizontal instead of vertical, making them different and unique. Each fence can be customized differently with different size boards and spacing available.

Wood Fence with Steel Post

Almost every wood fence installation we offer has the option to replace the traditional wood posts on their fence with a more durable steel post. Using steel posts with your wood fencing will make it more durable and make the life of your fence longer. They are also a good option for people with more water than usual on their landscape.

Free Wood Fence Estimates

Our wood fence installations and repairs begin with our FREE fence estimate! If you are in need of wood fencing services, please reach out to our fence experts today and we will discuss with you your fencing needs!