Spring may be just around the corner, but why wait to schedule your fence estimate until then? Our fence contractors can help you with your fence estimate and get started on the installation while the snow is still on the ground!

As long as the ground isn’t frozen, our fence experts can help you landscape, and have your fence up by springtime before the spring rush!

With that said, here are 4 great reasons why you should install your fence this winter.

1) Save Money

Generally, all fencing contractors are busier in the spring and summer, especially in Wisconsin! So if you give us a call this winter, we can get you scheduled earlier so that you can enjoy your fence during the warmer months.

What to know the best reason? Since fencing contractors are generally less busy during these months, most fencing contractors will be willing to provide discounts for the same price!

Same fence as you would get in the summer, just done earlier and for less money? Sounds like this great reason is a win-win! Contact us for pricing today.

2) Easy Landscaping

The next great reason why you should install your fence this winter is that during the winter months, there are fewer obstacles for the fencing contractors.

Since most plant life in your yard is dormant, your plants are much less likely to be damaged during this time of year. Landscaping is much easier (and faster!) when there are fewer plants and lush tree branches in the way.

It’s also less likely for there to be pets, children, toys, and wild animals interfering with the fencing contractors. All of these are great reasons why you should install your fence this winter.

3) Fast Installation

Spring is a busy time for fencing contractors as everyone usually waits for the spring to have their new fence installed. Oftentimes, springtime is so busy for fencing contractors that people will have to wait for an opening in a fencing contractor’s schedule.

Don’t get put on a waitlist like them!

Installing your fence during the winter months not only means that you will get your fence will get done sooner, but it’ll also get done faster. which means there will be more time to enjoy your fence in the warmer months.

Contact Northern Fence today to get started on your new fence installation!

4) Enjoy the Sunshine

Since you got an early start on your fence installation, you will get to enjoy your entire spring with your new fence!

This means that your summer games and outdoor fun won’t be interfered with by a fence installation! This is a great reason why you should install your fence this winter, as it will allow you to enjoy the sunshine on your patio!

By having your fence installed this winter, you’ll also be able to safely host your summer parties and play games with your children in a safe & protected backyard, You’ll also finally be able to let your dog freely roam for the entire spring & summer!

All of this without the hassle & noise of a pesky spring fence installation. Since you most likely won’t be spending much time outside in the winter, our fence contractors can work earlier in the year without disturbing your outdoor activities.

Final Thoughts On Having A Winter Fence Installation

No matter when you get a fence, having a fence installed will give you a safer and more private experience in your own backyard. However, the 4 reasons why you should install your fence this winter that we talked about above make it rather enticing to get an early start and get your fence installed this winter!

Beat the crowd and give our fencing company a call! Our fencing contractors will be happy to talk with you and get started on your fence repair or installation project before the snow melts, whether you are looking for a wood, vinyl, picket and split rail, chain link, and wrought iron fences. Contact Northern Fence today!