3 Signs You Need A Fence Replacement

Is your fence starting to look rotted, discolored, or even warping? These are classic signs that you may need fence replacement services.

Since wood is a natural material it is more susceptible to moisture, mold, and insect damage in comparison to a vinyl or plastic fence.

You might be wondering if complete fence replacement is necessary or if your wood fence just needs repairs. The best way to make this decision is to have a fence inspection and estimate from professional fence installers.

Below are three signs you need a fence replacement.

Moisture Damage and Rotting

Wisconsin has all the seasons, making it simple for moisture and rotting to impact your wood fence. Once moisture seeps into the wood, rotting can develop from the inside out.

In fact, our professional fence installers at Northern Fence recommend inspecting your fence each spring, especially the older your residential fence becomes. Having your wood fence inspected annually will prohibit repairs and prolong the life of your cedar fence or pressure-treated pine fence.

A telltale sign that you might need a fence replacement is if your fence has rotting. Signs of fence rot include:

  • The fence has a musty or damp smell.
  • If the wood is soft or mushy when touched.
  • Dark discoloration.
  • Flakey or damaged surfaces.
  • If there is any fungus growing out of your fence.

In addition, fence warping occurs from extensive rotting, insect infestation, moisture, and other environmental factors. If warping is present on your wood fence, then you should call a fence installer right away to get a replacement for your wood fence. Moisture damage and rotting lead to cracked or broken boards on your wood fence.

Cracked or Broken Boards

Cracked or broken boards are prevalent in aging, wood fences. However, cracks or broken boards can also be caused by poor maintenance and not using sealants.

If there are just a few cracked or broken boards, then repair work can be an option. When there are cracked or broken boards, your fence is usually missing fasteners.

It is very important to check and maintain your fence so your residential wood fence lasts. If you do see signs that you need a fence replacement, make sure you call a reputable group of fence installers to come and take care of it for you.

Missing Fasteners and Loose Connections

Missing fasteners and loose connections can be a result of weathering and an aging wood fence. Screws and nails missing from your wood fence also indicate loose connections. It is important to ensure your fasteners are not missing to keep the boards in place on your fence.

In fact, discoloration is a result of a missing fastener on your fence. Over time the screws and nails become loose because of natural swelling and contracting from heat and moisture. Remember to call fence replacement experts right away at the first signs you need a fence replacement.


Our fence installation experts can provide suggestions on how to repair your fence, however, if they are extensively damaged, then fence replacement is necessary. In some situations, it is more cost-effective to replace your fence completely, because as time goes the cost of maintenance is the same amount as fence replacement.

Here at Northern Fence, our fence installers look out for the integrity of your cedar fence or pressure-treated pine fence, which is why we recommend having an annual inspection. During the fence inspection, we check for moisture intrusion, rotting, warping, cracked or broken boards, missing fasteners, and loose connections. We will do our best to stay within your budget and choose the most cost-effective option for you. Contact the professional fence installers at Northern Fence.